Caio César - Sketchbook

really nice sculpting on the bust mate

great stuffs! :+1:small_orange_diamond:+1:small_orange_diamond:+1:

Very beautiful models man!!

Very nice sculpts !
give us more :lol:

In this cartoon character I used XSI for base mesh, zbrush for render and photoshop for comp. My intention was to study composition wish zbrush materials. Hope you like it. See you.


B-E-A-UTIFULLL… pretty gud stuff… nice n clean… appealing … nice materials… and above all …its caiocesar … seen all your works… really nice …
Keep it up !!

:+1: :slight_smile:

nice model, but the edges of the render are extrymly badly pixelated, you schould ahev used aa for render, orblur them a bit in ps ;/

Awesome! Excellent as usual!

Very cute! Love the model and its expression.

That’s cute! What a classic!

That is very cool!! Harley Quinn is my favourite Batman character, and you have done her proud with this model :sunglasses: :+1: , great work mate.

Nice work! I used her as a source of inspiration on one of my first ever models ages ago. Glad to see you have done her justice here!! :+1:

I saw the image of your cartoon character in the bottom row and thought, that is sweet =D Very nice work.


One more dino (I always enjoyed this one btw!) I modeled. It´s a pachycefalosaurus. I made up a scene where two of them are fighting each other. Crits are always welcome!

See you!



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Great Dinosaurs! I like the sculpt and the pose a lot. Plan on texturing it? I look forward to seeing it textured if you do. Keep up the good work. :+1:

Looks great:+1:

Don’t know how interested you are in making it really look like they are fighting, but I would make the poses look less mirrored, and change the position of some elements on one of the dinos. Looks great otherwise. :+1:

The Dinosaurs look great! :+1: