BLONDE(Realtime character) addl pics Pg 6

SammehSAMURAI, ZBER2, Thank you so much for those kind words.
LVXIFER, Really appreciated…!
arctech, philuxius, nickz, Thank you for watching my work with interest.
julien3d, thanks:) no marmoset. Mentalray~
artjun8615, thank you! bro!!!
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Thank you so much for those kind words.

thank you, lazy noob!

very beautifully done! :slight_smile:

Great work! Can you show how you did the hair please? I’m having trouble doing hair so any advice is appreciated!

very nice character.lovely

Lovely work…bravo!!

nice job, i like the clothes result

One of the best things I´ve seen in a very long time. Great work! :+1:

Incredible model… She is adorable

probably best female i’ve seen up to this point

Top Row

amazing work, very cool clohting!

It looks beautiful but i dont know about the “low poly” part, whats the count on this girl?

AWESOME WORK!.. i can smell toprow here :slight_smile:

You have breathed life to the virtual model. There’s a soul behind the eyes.
Very motivating!
Big thanks for that!


Wow nice! I like the definition of the textures!!

yay! nice work!

Incredible work, great atention to details, really beautiful model.
Top Row for sure!!

This is great stuff.


Top Row:+1:

Nice work! Top row!

Exceptional work. I also vote for a top row slot.