blkspd3 sculpts

Hello Everyone!

I’m a longtime lurker and fan of Pixologic’s innovations, but this is the first time I’ve posted any artwork. I’ve found a new love in digital sculpting with Sculptris! I’d like to share some of my sketches, and would love to hear any feedback. These are all created from the sphere in Sculptris. Love this stuff!! :smiley:

rendered from Sculptris and composited in Photoshop

sculpt from above. the eyes follow you!

Made this one just to try out the paint mode, but I don’t quite have the knack of it yet so I didn’t post the painted version

trying to create some harder lines

trying to work with more than one object, but at some point I lost the ability to isolate one object from the other. Is there a way to get the isolation mask back? Like with the eyes in the sculpt above?

evolved from an ape-like bust into this buffalo-ape thingy. trying understand finer detailing techniques and settings

wanting to work more with horns

latest WIP. trying to work with anatomy forms and loose skin

Any feedback is appreciated.
Thanks for stopping by! :lol:










/e looks around himself warily and wonders when the next IE explorer crash is coming. I have tried replying to this thread 3 times so far and crash and burn lol. Ok here we go again. I can tell you are having fun here. Its good to see lurkers come out. My favorites are the striking renders of the first one and the mech with the cowl followed by the horned skull. The first one has a lot of mood in it. well done :slight_smile:

Some very imaginative sculpts you have there.
The one problem I see repeated in most every sculpt is that the base forms all seem to
blob together. To explain, imagine taking a piece of clay and shaping it into the most
basic shapes then skipping defining secondary forms like the bridge of a nose or corner
of an elbow and jumping straight to the details. Even though sculptris allows one to go
into detail right away, the model still needs it’s planes defined to some degree before
putting in all the tiny stuff. Building up the primary and secondary forms will greatly
improve your work by making the sculptures more believable and life like.

Thanks for the comments! I’m glad it shows that I’m having fun. Sculptris has been so liberating, I’m really looking forward to what I’ll be able to create in the upcoming months, especially once I understand the workflow with zbrush and other 3d apps. I make my living in Photoshop now, so expect more moody composites once I understand lighting and rendering a little better. :smiley:

Thanks so much for the input! Looking back at my work, I saw right away what you were talking about in the secondary forms. Coming from an illustration background, I’ve got a lot to learn in translating my ideas into digital sculpture. These are the kinds of key insights I was hoping to gain from joining the forum! I’ll definitely keep your advice in mind moving forward. Thanks again! :+1:small_orange_diamond:+1:

I understand the struggle well, I came from a penciler background and had similar problems when I made the leap to 3D.
Here’s a video I did on using the grab brush, while I don’t recommend it for the whole mesh it’s great for most of the early primary and secondary forms, and tweaking the silhouette.

Thanks for showing me the vid, Wasa. I’m keeping those tips in mind.

Here’s my latest WIP, an age study. My aim with this one is to create some realistic aging, and wrinkles, and to get used to exporting to zBrush and Maya for retopo and fine detailing. I also want to learn how to work with subsurface scattering. So far, I’ve only tried it in Mental Ray and haven’t had much success. If anyone has any tips or knows where to find good tutorials on the subject, please let me know. I’m working with Mental Ray, Vray, and zBrush atm.

As always, comments and crits are welcome. :slight_smile: