Bcast 3.0 Canvas Resizerrrrrr

thanks lemmo. I had allways problems to remember the resolutions and now with your plugin …et voila…

ciao voolger

Thanks Lemo, makes editing a few frames in Zbrush easier, and indeed: it makes you look professional. :cool:

Question: how do you make such a plugin actually? I’m curious as to how it’s
done: it’s great if you can adjust your software to your specific needs. Are there manuals on it?

One more question: err… why is it called Bcast?

It’s all in here Plakkie:
Check out the samples and the ZScript Reference.
It’s quite awkward, but all we have right now.

Pfff… That looks terrible… I have nothing but awe for programmers. To me it’s a dark art. Lucky for me there are dark wizards around to hand out free spellbooks! :smiley:

But I repeat: why “Bcast”?

Sorry, Bcast is an abbreviation for Broadcast. :wink:


that feels better! :lol:

Hey Lemo


Great jump from grebbles to zscript.

This will surely help.

man not only a great zcript but monty python’s holy grail jokes to boot, i love that movie, blue, no yellow…

Sheeesh dont know how I missed this. This has got to be one of the most useful plugs ever. Thanks very much for this.

Hi Lemon, muito obrigado este plug vai me ajudar muuuuiiiiitttttoooooo!!!

Translation: Your plugin will help me a lot!!!


Thanks! :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:
You guy’s made my day!
Glad the plug keeps on giving!

Dont make us hunt u down with the next upgrade. We will all be lost. lol