#AskZBrush: Updated October 2, 2020

These are great. All the simple things that are not simple if you don’t know about them. Keep the tips coming. Can’t wait to see more.

May not be the proper location for the question by not being of technical use of the program (ô¿ô)
Anywho, I see that the keyshot bridge is well received and that people are cranking out amazing renders with it.
My question is if there well be other bridge ports to other render engines as well? (my case Otoys Octane, Blender Cycles, even Marmoset Toolbag2 (should we get pbr materials))

Happy holidays to all you fine folks @ Pixo :slight_smile:

***Obviously wrong spot to ask :x


Excellent use of technology and resourses :+1:

Can we post questions here or do they have to be on the Twitter feed?

Please send your questions through Twitter. We receive a large amount of questions, but most of them are not really related to “AskZBrush”. Then it is easier to reply to them on Twitter (we do our best to reply to most of them).

I can’t found anything on how to create tileable Z terrain in Zbrush 4r7 to be exported to Unity 5.3 as terrain with colliders.

“Ask ZBrush” is a really, really great idea.
Thanks a lot for the videos, they are really good for learning new things, for refreshing what i know, and for realizing that there are things that i didn’t know as well as i thought :+1:

I love these videos, they have answered a few things that have been bugging me forever.

Question as I am a twitter newb but do I just post the question on my twitter feed or do I go to Pixologics page and tweet there? I already posted a few directly to Pixologics page (and someone just retweeted one of them) so I assume that worked but wasn’t sure.

Steve33: as soon as you put #AskZBrush in your tweet, we will get your message.

I was traveling these last days, then I’m late in managing the #AskZBrush tweets, but i’m trying to at least answer them as much as possible (we have a lot of #AskZBrush tweets!!)

Hello Jospeh,

To start with a big thank you to you and Pixologic for this series. It may well be the best method ever to get expert answers to problems.

But I am not on twitter and do not really feel inclined to set up an account there. So I dare to ask my two question here, and perhaps as an exception you could consider themvalid and good for a reply.

My first question is: could you please clarify the Vector Displacement options a bit? Of course this can only be about the ZBrush side of the problem, not the Blender (which I use), Maya, Max, Modo,…whatever side.

My second one is: could you please clarify the ZBrush workflow with multiple UV maps (Udims set up for Mari, this is limited to 10U)

Thank you for considering this.

Ok, awkward question.
I have 4R7 P2 — I did not know there was a P3 – so I launched the Upgrader and it says there is no new Update available.
So do I have to reinstall Zbrush 4R7 completely from scratch ?

It is strange that the upgrader doesn’t find the update.

Then you can go to the download center and download the full installer: http://pixologic.com/zbrush/downloadcenter/instructions/full-installer.php

Thanks, that worked. Now on P3 like the rest of the world :slight_smile:

Thanks! Thanks! Thanks!

How can i ask question in twitter #askzbrush.
this is how it looks when i open the page. i won’t mind funny jokes but just include your answer too




Just what we needed, this is awesome!

So many questions to ask but I just don’t do the twitter thang.

Just would like to change several objects into a modeling sphere or Cube and then sculpt on them to make Morphs…Has to have same Poly count when Macro’d…

How do you use (offset) radial symmetry on a subtool/object after that object is posed or off center (i.e., object is not parallel to x, y, or z depending on which axis you choose for radial symmetry)?

how can i del polypaint?

sometime i fill material,i want del the material back to color fill。

how can i do?

thx :cry: