#AskZBrush: Updated January 29, 2021

I love these videos, they have answered a few things that have been bugging me forever.

Question as I am a twitter newb but do I just post the question on my twitter feed or do I go to Pixologics page and tweet there? I already posted a few directly to Pixologics page (and someone just retweeted one of them) so I assume that worked but wasn’t sure.

Steve33: as soon as you put #AskZBrush in your tweet, we will get your message.

I was traveling these last days, then I’m late in managing the #AskZBrush tweets, but i’m trying to at least answer them as much as possible (we have a lot of #AskZBrush tweets!!)

Thanks! Thanks! Thanks!

Just what we needed, this is awesome!

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Hi guys!

Apolgies, I’m well aware that this thread is old but I just discovered it after I already watched many of these videos on Youtube. See, the thing is: on Youtube the comment section is usually turned off so I had no way to share a comment. Now that I can I obviously can’t resist the urge!

I’d like to thank you guys for all your hard work, these videos are amazing. I started discovering ZBrush last week and I’ve spend a lot of time so far going over several of these #AskZBrush videos and I learned so darn much from them!

If anything the only question coming to my mind would be: “Is there anything ZBrush can’t do? ;)”.

Thanks again!

Kind regards, Peter

2-ghanian-men-in-Kente-Fabric-1 .how do wrap cloth like this in zbrush will be glad if a video is made