#AskZbrush - Is it possible to move the CamView Gizmo from the top right

Good Morning. Hope everyone is well.

My question is: Is it possible to move the CamView Gizmo from the top right corner.

Reason: I do like using this icon on a cintiq, but as a left hander you consistently have to cross your arm over the screen to use it.

If not possible, is there any code we could use to link to a button/macro.

Kind Regards


Hi @Treece

I don’t think it’s possible to move it. You can contact Support and request the feature.

There is the Axis plugin by Roland_Kaiser. This works great in ZBrush 2020.1.1. Unfortunately, since they migrated everything to this website, it didn’t include the download links. So, I’ll upload it here. I don’t think Roland would mind. Just extract the file into your “ZStartup\ZPlugs64” folder. The plugin will show at the bottom of the Tool palette. You can enable customize and drag the buttons where you want. I have mine on the left shelf.

Axis Tool Position 4R6 update.zip (3.4 KB)


Many thanks for the reply. Thanks for the file. I have got it stored on my server… totally forgot about this plugin

Much appreciated for the reminder

Still… it would be nice if the camview gizmo could be moved for us lefties :wink: