ArtofWarunaWeligamage - Likeness book

A custom sculpture i did for 1/6th scale action figurine inspired with Frank Millers style of batman. Printed in 1/6th scale using Solus 3d printer. Sculpted in Zbrush… renders done in Maya Arnold

refer Artstation for high res images



Sculpted in Zbrush and printed in 1/6th scale using Solus 3D printer. Sam Neil him self shared it in his twitter

Great likeness and another amazing print. Gotta love the Solus3D.

Thanks bro

[COLOR=#1D2129]Creed likeness sculpt final renders… had to retouch on few thing from the last output…
[COLOR=#1D2129]Used texturing XYZ maps for base of the skin details with manual sculpting
[COLOR=#1D2129]rendered in ZB and finalized in photoshop…
[COLOR=#1D2129]for high res images refer the link