Alien Scout

Hey thats nice!
although as a scout i imagine him to wear more subtle colour…but this is zbrush forum so i think its all good:D

yes you’re right, lol. stealth be damned :slight_smile:

hi habib,

what is the sculpting mat what you have used, seen on the picture ?

Awesome! Like the red even more :+1:

Beautiful :slight_smile: Reminds me Krogans and Grunt from Mass Effect 2 :wink:

@faarooq - sorry bro, I didn’t render this in zbrush, it was rendered in mental ray :slight_smile: @ Santis, Seek, Reynold, xexex, BlazeF, trancerobot, ragenrock, fenrir, and Dill - thank you all :slight_smile:

not the render I meant the red matcap showed in the Character turnaround.
can you tell me the name of the material please.

ahhhhh…lol, its called gw_grouce bro, I remember getting it from the download center :slight_smile:

Really like this model. I hope one day I will be able to post some of my work to this standard. I hope you don’t mind me being critical but, the only thing that does draw my eye is the symmetry. When you look at the hands and arms, I see the divets in the thumbs and textures and on nails, then it draws my eyes up and I see more symmetry in the texture and bumps. Overall cool though

thx habib

Of course I don’t mind :slight_smile: I sometimes randomly finish off some characters with some asymmetry and some I just tend to leave symmetrical. There is actually some asymmetry going on in the face, but it wouldn’t be noticeable from far :slight_smile: thanks :slight_smile:

anytime :slight_smile:

Here’s a closeup of some of the polypaint on the face :slight_smile:


I will post my lighting set up in maya along with the settings I’ve used in a few hours :slight_smile: