This is my recent private work.
I modeled an airplane of original design.


Great low poly hard surface work! Is that mostly ZModeler? Thats some nice box modeling.

Thank you. :grinning:
I modeled with ZModeler in low poly halfway. In the second half, we made high poly and modeled it with surface noise, insert mesh brushes, project primitive deformers, and so on.


Thanks for posting your shots of your process!


This is really coming along nicely!

Thank you.:grinning:

I really like the model, great design, awesome job!

I feel like the metal material is too shinny, it makes all of the rivets and ridges pop out so much that the whole thing is supper busy and your eye doesn’t know where to look. I would suggest working with the materials to mute that effect so that there is more of a focal point. If your interested I really enjoyed this Video from the blender conference a few years ago, and I bet you could apply the concepts here at the texturing/material stage.