afisher's Sketchbook (nudity)

amazing works, just amazing, and i love how i was just gonna ask how you mad the folds, a scroll lover, and the tutorial is already there ;d

nice work! very good job on the batmans cape looks great!

RJ the eccentric: Thanks mate
Sparky3d: thanksfor the crit
industripop: Cheers and no worries
slocik: haha yea I had a few people asking me questions on gameartisans, so i thought I’d post the tut here as well.
killfrog58: Thanks :smiley:

Here’s a bit of an update on the Bman, I’ve almost finished the high poly. I’ve still got a couple of things to do, including straightening the bottom part of the cape into a more default pose for the low poly.




This is great!
I’s love to see him textured soon!
He should have omniblades replacing the arm blades :slight_smile:

Nice! :+1:

Looking great! How did you go about making the scars on his face? I usually use the Dam-Standard bursh, then the move brush alittle, then the pinch brush in a couple areas then smooth it out a little. Keep up the great work! Thanks


Good stuff bud, will be keeping an eye on your threads here and on GA! Looking forward to seeing more :slight_smile:



very cool batman love it!

woah, nice of you to share some workflow tips. great work.

Looking good!

Very cool. Great sculpts all around. Can’t wait to see Batman finished.

stefanobernardi: Thanks mate. Yea I thought about having an omniblade, but decided against it.
Dman3d: Thanks
adio38: Cheers. For the scare I used Dam standard, Standard and Move for blockin it out and then used the clay brush around the edges to get that “smooth” look that some scars have.
lildragon: Thanks buddy :slight_smile:
mikeusz: Thankyou
GX@W: no worries
Derek Drenzo: Cheers
giacoppo: Thanks

I’ve finally finished him. Here’s the final images that I submitted. I’ll probably post some larger images of him later.
Thanks everyone :slight_smile:





Nice! :+1:

Nice work, I really like it!

Awesome stuff. The cybernetic eyes are a nice touch. The pose makes him looks as if the grappling gun is part of his arm though.

Absolute superb end result :smiley:

a whole lot of batman art here, there, everywhere, and this is one of the best, congrat’s

Thanks everyone :slight_smile:

Ducard: thanks… hmm yea it does a bit.

I created a quick turntable vid and a larger turnaround image of him I thought I’d post. Hope you like :slight_smile:


This is really nice. Looking at it, its hard to think its so low poly. The details are very clean.

I would be very helpful to see a tutorial on your method of projecting normal maps from high res zbrush model to a low res model and any tips on the topology used to achieve clean normal maps.

Top row work for sure man! What size maps did you use for this? Did you use detail normals for stuff like the cloth pattern etc?