A few sketches

Exceptional works…you’ve got variety of styles and all are really wonderful! :+1: :+1:

Oh wow. I’m glad i just found this thread. Such amazing work and a very individualistic style! A good mix of humour, the unusual and awesome sculpting. I’ll be checking back here often :+1:

thanks guys!
see ya soon with something new and maybe finished :wink:

HI there!
here are some new sketches done at http://cinemotion.bg/
Cheers! :wink:




Wow, nice and dark work, very original, love the little pig and mad hatter. a sense a twisted imagination… :smiley:

Keep 'm coming!

Phenomenal everything as i sayd before.
The first one really looks like a clay sculpt
love the folds on the monch and his general looks.

Its about time you get lifted to the toprow 5 stars :smiley: :+1: :+1:

crap already voted :smiley:

F…A…N…T…A…S…T…I…C !

:+1: :+1: :+1: :+1: :+1:

very nice stuff man, very original love them all

really fine stuff in here!:+1:

Wondefull stuff!!!
Excellent style, I love your characters!!! :+1:

Keep it up, I love your models :wink:
The first two of the last update are my favourite!

great sculpts, i really like the fingerfigures they look rad.

Excellent ideas wonderfully executed.:+1:

Love your works, my favourites are the strange and disturbing anatomy studies.
Glad to see more

… you are a very talented and unique artist. Each piece, although a still, captures the humor and expression of the moment in time. Not easy to do. The wide variety of styles are connected by this humor, good design and sculpting skill.
[color=Indigo]Du très beau travail!


WOW! Love boxhead and the monk the best.

This is some truly worthwhile work and really creative. Don’t stop now, we all need new and refreshing on a regular basis! :wink:

Great sculpting and even better ideas :slight_smile: 5*****

:lol: ha ha ! i liked the snail on head sculpt very much !

Wow ! all ur sculpts carries Awesome Concept ! Great work.