A detailed structure need to retopologize

im working on a structure, i ve sculpted it, right now i need to retopologize it, but i cannot find a way to get a clear and clean result, any advices.

sculped structure

tks in advanced.

Hello @johiko

For what purpose are you retopologizing?

If you’re trying to export for print, Decimation Master would be the way to go.

If you’re retopologizing for the purpose of texture creation, ZRemesher can be used to retopologize this mesh. To recapture the detail, you will need to subdivide the retopologized mesh, and project the detail from the original mesh.

If you need super efficient low poly geometry, it may be necessary to retopologize manually.

hello, tks for the quick answer, i ll use that in maya, so i m trying to get a low than that poly model, to project details and texture creation, i m trying to retopology that in 3dcoat, but when i bring back the mesh to zbrush and project the details, the mesh from 3dcoat, doesnt take the details.

tks in advance.

The ideal topology for the best results in ZBrush when sculpting, painting, or creating textures for export, is evenly distributed quads, as close to square-shaped as possible.

The piece doesn’t appear to have especially hard edges or machine perfect detail, so I’m inclined to think that ZRemesher could do a good job with this. If your topology needs are exacting, and you need super efficient low poly geometry, you will most likely have to do this manually to some degree.

You could see how far ZRemesher can take you by first ZRemeshing at a higher target polycount to make sure it captures all of the form accurately, then perform subsequent ZRemeshes set to “half”. Keep doing this until the form starts to collapse on itself, and ZRemesher can no longer accurately reduce the polycount. From there, tweak the geometry as necessary with tools like ZModeler and the Topology brush.

You could also retopologize completely by hand, using the Edge Extrude and surface snapping functions of ZModeler, covered late in the Live Streaming event video.

is there a way to export a sculpted mesh, with all the stuff done in zbrush to maya? i have a workflow, sculpt in zbrush, retopology, texture creation and then export a vector displacement map and a texture map to use it in maya.

tks again for the quick answer, tks in advance.

Yes. You will need to retopologize your mesh into a lower poly form with suitable topology, subdivide as necessary to project the detail, create and export a displacement map based on the desired level of subdivision, and apply this map to the geometry it was created for in your external program.

Texture creation process is detailed here. Displacement mapping is explained here.

Multi Map Exporter will automate many of these functions.

The following videos may be useful:

tks for the answer, gonna see those and write you back, tks again.