2021 ZBrush LIVE Sculpt-Off - Winners Announced

Just to be clear… this is Pinocchio :smiley:

I know I’m out of time (and don’t mind not getting anything)
but I might as well post it here

Beauty and the Beast / Lindworm prince,

had an accident on the way (Coremini crashed) but it was still an enjoyable even


Final Submission Moby Francis


My video!!!

my file is 1500x837 but its saying 1000xsomething here i hope this is not going to effect me

I am happy to see Scud memorialized in such an appropriate way lol

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I would wear that on a t-shirt…

I didn’t know if we were supposed to identify the character here or not, but it is indeed cyborg Dick Tracy.

Great Idea

Looks like I’m not the only one to forget “Final Submission” on their post; Dam Standard!!! :anguished: :rage: :roll_eyes:

Your lighting, material and polypaint work are all on point! Love it.

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Thank you so much man! It was such a challenge to come up with something and I’m really glad to hear that!

Sharing same time with all near 300 participants was really fun time.
Thank you all. Thank you ZBrush.
Thank you Pixologic for this opportunity.

Thanks so much to all the judges, sponsors and organizers of the Sculpt-Off 2021. I was literally in tears when they presented me as the 5th place winner, this means so much me, words ain’t enough to describe it, you guys made my week super special.

I hope to keep sharing more my future work on Zbrush Central and thanks again to Pixologic for creating such an amazing software, to help us artists visualize worlds and characters yet to discover.

Special thanks to all people who came to watch my stream, and @AshleyAdams for the pro tips as she shared.

Timelapse Video


When will the sculpt off participates receive Xmd package?