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Petroleum Hurts?Last year, 300,000 barrels of crude oll were leaked in arctic

Of marine oil excessive exploitation of the ecological damage caused by nature. Let our reflection moved!!
I hope you like it.












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HEY…this is really great. Are you able to explain your process a little? Some of the images on your board look like they were modeled in the world, was it then scanned and cleaned up in ZBrush?

Really good execution of a really important message. Well done.

Strong piece! Really liking a lot how you depicted the message. Awesome!

Striking piece. Would love to see it go to top row.

here are some zb screenshots ,I almost painted them in the zbrush,and final adjusted in the photoshop.


go ahead


Amazing work dude!!! :+1:

Amazing work and a great theme. Can you elaborate a bit more about how you made it? For instance is some of it real world model as the clouds and hands suggest?

The start we are used to create a full three-dimensional, you can see the white mold our
But the results out of the effect is not good, can not meet the needs of our creative
So we personally get gypsum entity making the top of glaciers and the rocks below, and handmade cotton and airplane model
And then put our 3D rendering and entity late to finish it.
To this end we pay for up to 2 months of effort

Great job and Beautiful Mind

great concept beautiful execution!

Beautiful piece! Really strong. Congratulations on it!

Love the concept and execution of this piece!

Great message and I love the idea as well as most of the execution. I do feel the text is unnecessary, the image should speak for itself (and it does). This is top row in my opinion.

One of the best pieces of art that I have seen in this forum.

Nice work! Love how it all came together.

A serious work here, love the way u executed this… inspiring for me, combining all the elements frm character to environment details r damn impressive…

keep Rocking…

You are a true artist! This is beautiful and inspiring! thanks!