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    Epic Bruce Lee.
    Francis-Xavier Martins
    Freelance Cg Artist


  2. AjdinBarucija's Avatar

    Now I want to see the One Inch Punch! Great work man, you picked the best person to do a portrait of as well.

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  3. MightyReg's Avatar

    Splendid, excellent portait!
    I am curious about how you did the hair too, it's coming out really well.
    Good job

  4. aamirart's Avatar
  5. cgdigii's Avatar

    i love bruce lee!!! great job on this@@

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  6. shengxiajun's Avatar

    looks really lifelike, especially his expression! you're niubi! means awesome in chinese haha

  7. this work absolutely perfect but how long it's take of time to do some thing like that it's powerful nice work

  8. duowla's Avatar

    Awesome job, can you give some tips about the alpha of skin you used?? Or the your process? Very Nice..

  9. Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu............guh! That's awesome!

  10. the hair.......i just love it!!!!!!!!!!