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    Dozens of Heads

    The following heads where all created in ZBrush 3.1 years ago. At that time no BPR was available and so I imported the finished sculptures into Mudbox for presentation - because of the real-time shadows and the "smooth surface" functions. (I promise that won't happen again ) Some of them are concept sculptures and pretty low res. I also head the chance working together with a local company on the wood bust project you see below. More information and many more heads on my website.

  2. selwy's Avatar

    Some Hard Surface sculpting

    I couldn't resist trying out some hard surface techniques. All parts were directly sculpted in ZBrush 4R4 based on a concept of the amazing Andrew Ley (http://andrewley.cghub.com/images/ )

    All in all, there are still MANY new features I haven't touched yet and I'm eager to explore what's possible in 4R4!


  3. julien3d's Avatar

    Great sculpts!!!!

    For the first model i've often the feeling that arms looks too small in this position, don't know why... it's probably me lol...
    Anyways those models are awesome. I love the 2 full body women and the sit guy.

    Master pieces.