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  1. DefaultUDK Realtime - Davyjones and other characters



    Hi everyone!

    These works are Fan art. My hobby.
    I really love the movie character.

    Final result displayed in the UDK Realtime Rendering.
    Great free tool http://udk.com/

    Sculpt used zbrush
    Facehugger is Sculptris.

    Thank you!

    Davy jones (pirates of caribbean)

    UDK - Realtime Rendering

    ZB ss

    T-rex (Jurassic Park)

    UDK - Realtime Rendering


    Facehugger (Alien)

    UDK - Realtime Rendering


  2. Gordon Robb's Avatar

    These look great, particularly DJ.

    If I learned UDK, could I build a building, and use my space navigator to wander round it?

  3. lemontmoon's Avatar

    superb work ! unlimited details

    by Raphael Constantine Lemontmoon
    experiences: Concepting, Character modeling, enviroment modeling,3ds MAX rigging,
    3d motion tracking,composition, vector graphics, texturing, animation, UDK level design
    and scripting