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    Hello there, you incredible, talented people.

    I've been lurking here for a long time and am continually astounded by what you guys create. I absolutely love zbrush, but its just a hobby for me and for way too long I was stuck with an outdated mac that couldn't handle anything above version 2, so my efforts were erm... limited. When that finally gave up the ghost and went to silicon heaven, I switched to a new pc and am amazed at what is achievable in the latest version of zbrush.

    I'm not technically minded at all, but I find the sculpting and painting aspects of zbrush really intuitive and easy to use. Anything beyond that is where I get totally baffled. I've reached a stage now where I'd like to have a go at taking the characters I've made into a different programme, and have a go at animating them, but my lack of even basic knowledge is stopping me. So any help or advice would be more than gratefully received.

    Anyway, here are some WIPs. None of them are finished or even posed yet but I thought I should put something here for you to look at. Hope you like. They're characters from my latest book.

    The first is a Punchinello Guard, next is a Bogey Boy, then a Doggy Long Legs

    Thanks for looking!
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    You've been lurking since version 2? Good heavens :-)

    Love the fine details on Mr Punch's hat particularly. Nice post and far better than my first post.

    To bring your characters to life for stills try posing with Transpose Master using a zsphere rig. It's a joy to use and not in the least bit technically intimidating.


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    Goodness man, this stuff is AWESOME !!! You sir have a gift !!! Great work, I love it !!!


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