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    Hi all. Really enjoying the images being posted. Hopefully, I'll be able to put one up soon.
    Any word yet on when the next version will be released, and will the problem with the float menu not being completely displayed when the program is launched finally be fixed?
    Thanks, and cheers.
  2. the key and ONLY word is...."SOON"!

    Floating menu not displayed

  3. 'Morning Jack.....What exactly do you mean by - The floating menu doesn't completely display??? To the best of my knowledge, there's nothing wrong with the floating menu in ZBrush??? You'll have to explain a little more of the problem your having. See'ya later..... Mark.

  4. Hi Kruzr and Nikko. I have ZBrush configured to open with the float menu displayed upon program launch. Part of the menu does not display. Pressing the tab key to hide the menu and then pressing it again will solve the problem, or moving the cursor over the part that's not displayed also does it. This has been a bug for quite a while. A number of people posted about it on the ZAcademy board. When I first got the program (version 1.03 I think it was), I sent an e-mail to Pixologic about. The response I got at the time was that they were aware of it, and it would be fixed in the next version. While it's not a major problem, it really should have been fixed by now.
    Thanks for your responses.

  5. Hi again Jack.....I was never aware of any Floating Menu problems??? I know there are a few problems that occur on different operating systems with ZBrush, but I've never had that one happen. On my system the Floating Menu displays upon opening the program, but it's always displayed completely. I must have missed the previous posts on that subject??? Sorry I couldn't help any. Hopefully, we'll have version "?" released real soon & it'll correct some of these minor problems. Have a good one..... Mark.

  6. Hi Kruzr. The menu problem is certainly not enough to keep me from having major fun with ZBrush. When I first tried the demo, I was hooked right away. One of these days soon I'll be able to post an image.
    Thanks again, and keep on ZB'n!

  7. Just read this post.My floating menu quit coming on at boot up a couple weeks ago and even pressing the tilde key doesn't bring it back.Never said anything becuz I always hid it anyway-just thought it was a bonus not to
    have to deal with it anymore.

  8. Hi Jack and Everyone!

    The problem with the floating menu, where it may only be partially visible, has been fixed for v1.23.

    As soon as we have a release date for 1.23 we will be posting an announcement in the "Announcements" Forum.