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    We are currently finalizing the ZClassroom movie section for ZBrush 4R2. Although it will take some time before all ZClassroom movies are completed, we opted to share with you the movies as they are available.

    The first movie is about Z4R2 capabilities to blend shaders and materials. Learning how to take advantage of this new feature and the other rendering enhancements will benefit you at all stages of creation, from the early concept to the final polished stage.

    Enjoy, learn and experiment with these features.

    The Pixologic Team

    Troubleshooting questions should be posted in the Questions And Troubleshooting Forums.

    If you create cool images utilizing the features described in these movies, please post in this thread and share with us and other members of ZBrushCentral.

    SHADER AND MATERIAL BLEND Narrator: Eric Keller

    models (by order of appearance) courtesy of:Matthew Kean,Eric Keller,Magdalena Dadela,Matthew Kean

    WAX PREVIEW Narrator: Eric Keller

    models (by order of appearance) courtesy of: Geert Melis,Young Choi,Jeremy Lanum,Julian Kenning,Kurt Papstein,Marco Splash,Jeremy Lanum,Matthew Kean,Eric Keller,Matthew Kean

    CURVE-TRI-FILL BRUSH Narrator: Paul Gaboury

    BPR FILTERS Narrator: Eric Keller

    model courtesy of:Maarten Verhoeven
    Renders (by order of appearance) courtesy of: Julian Kenning, Fabio Paiva, Katon Callaway, Frederik Storm, Jeremy Lanum, Marco Splash, Maarten Verhoeven

    SLICE CURVE BRUSH Narrator: Paul Gaboury

    CURVE SURFACE BRUSH Narrator: Paul Gaboury

    MATCAP™ MATERIALS Narrator: Eric Keller

    models (by order of appearance) courtesy of:Marco Splash,Matthew Kean,Rudy Massar,Maartin Verhoeven,Nicolas Garilhe

    LIGHTCAP™ Narrator: Eric Keller

    models (by order of appearance) courtesy of:Marco Splash,Maxence Fleuret,Kurt Papstein,Darrick Pister,Nicolas Garilhe

    INTRODUCING DYNAMESH Narrator: Eric Keller

    models (by order of appearance) courtesy of:Katon Callaway,Gun Park,Nicolas Garilhe,Julian Kenning,Michael Defeol,Jeremy Lanum,Young Choi,Matthew Kean,Frederik Storm,James Van Den Bogart

    MERGE SIMILAR Narrator: Paul Gaboury

    DUPLICATE AND EXTRUDE Narrator: Paul Gaboury

    CURVE EDITABLE POLYPAINT Narrator: Louie Tucci

    model courtesy of: Matthew Kean

    MESH-INSERT BRUSH 1: Creating A Bolt Narrator: Paul Gaboury

    MESH-INSERT BRUSH 2: Create A Custom Insert Brush Narrator: Paul Gaboury

    MESH-INSERT BRUSH 3: Modify Existing Insert Brush Narrator: Paul Gaboury

    SNAKEHOOK BRUSH Narrator: Paul Gaboury

    model courtesy of: Marco Splash

    MAKING OF: TIME FOR ART #4 Narrator: Eric Keller

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    sounds good, checking it out now. appreciate the efforts updating the classroom so soon.

  3. JaAzura's Avatar

    I was looking forward, and asking for some awesome tutorials on these new features... thank you!

    ~ WOW ~

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    Many thanks for the excellent tutorials......

    ...email me
    " Life is an art, and you are the artist."

  5. Great job...Thats really helpful...Thank you somuch Pixologic.

  6. Sigmund Hentze's Avatar

    Thanks a mil... video 17 is set out great... if only all you do tutorials will follow this idea... do a full on highspeed sculpt... then a second video with a stop at certain area and the explain the techiques used... I find this the most intuitive tutorial thus far...

    Thumbs up, hope to see more of these...

    Thanks guys...

  7. Ronboy's Avatar

    I love this tutorial its more like an animation, the sculpt and music are inspirational, Dynamesh is revolutional!!.