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  1. DefaultMaking Time For Art #4 - "Clay Time"




    As we get closer to the release of ZBrush4R2, I am excited to share with you "Making Time For Art #4".
    This will be the last 'TimeForArt' post before the release of Z4R2.

    This means that when I do post the next one, you will already be enjoying the new version

    To view the previous movies, visit Sneak peek #2 and Making Time For Art #3.

    I hope you will enjoy the movie; my goal is to spark your imagination by sharing new possibilities available with the release of Z4R2.
    I am eager to see the impact these features will have on the art you post here, in ZBC, beginning September 20th .


    note: Mesh-insert 'head' courtesy of Steve Jubinville.
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    This is FBI.
    We have to check your Identity.
    There is something escape from area 51.

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  4. Scriblab's Avatar

    Fantastic awsome job Pixologic!!! Really looking forward for that one!!

  5. lemontmoon's Avatar

    Simply,,,,,, Haaaard Core

    THX pixologic

  6. That looked more fun than anything I've ever seen done with digital art

  7. WOW! This is Awesome,Fantastic Work as Always GUYS

  8. I just can't say anything else....

  9. That was amazing! Very inspiring. Much respect.

  10. Skyboy-X's Avatar

    "He is no fool who gives up what he cannot keep...to gain what he cannot lose"... Jim Elliot