Entry 7 of 1997
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    Thank You..SonOfWitz
    Lots of Potential for Digital Fine Art in this New Frontier called Z Brush...

    DRAGON MURAL 5.jpg

    DRAGON MURAL 4.jpg
  2. SpiritDreamer's Avatar

    A character i've been working on for the Monday Night Challange..Mesh Modeling..Detailing A Head...Wips for it can be found in that thread...Still a ways to go on it yet..But it's starting to capture the kind of character that I am after.
    Also a little further along with the orange Dragon Alter piece that I started a couple of days ago...Long ways to go on that one yet.
    Crits and suggestions would be great.

    AGED HEAD 22.jpg

    AGED HEAD 21.jpg

    DRAGON MURAL 6.jpg