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  2. I was sculpting along on a mesh I had created in another piece of software and upon finishing, I went to export the model as an obj...wow, it showed that the scale was greater than 1, offsets on X, Y, and Z were not zero. In the original piece of software the center of the object was at 0,0,0. so I changed the settings in ZBrush 3.5 R2 "Export" to what I thought they ought to be...WRONG! This changed the model's world location, and scale when the modified model was imported back into the original software. While this is a nice feature, it has created a problem that I can not seem to reverse w/o having written down the original settings before altering them. (No restore default?)

    How do I get the original (default?) scaling and world offset settings back in the "Export" function so that it functions like 3.1?