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    Hello Zbrush community!
    I've finished school of Applied Arts And design at the graphics department, have sculpting, painting, drawing, anatomy training, and am currently a student at the Academy of fine arts on the Animation department, and am working on my final project, a short animated film which includes models of a realistic human brain and a heart, that are still wip.

    I work with Lightwave 3D, 3Ds max (I started with max but found out that I'm more at home modeling more organic objects in lightwave, so I'm using max for rigid models and animation, and lightwave for more organic models such as this heart), After Effects, Adobe Premiere, and as of recently Zbrush. (Also I draw and sculpt with real pencils and clay )

    Clay model photograph

    Clay Mefisto - character for a short clay-animated film that I never mad


    I was just introduced to zbrush and am eager to take it to the max.

    Here is a model of the heart, crated in Lightwave, textured and mutilated on my first date with Zbrush pretty much just me exploring the program with no reference. Am currently studying tutorials of Digital tutors. BTW Background and compositing was a combination of after effects and photoshop.

    Any comments are encouraged, suggestions as well.


    srce.jpg heart.jpg
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    It's a shiny afternoon here, and I'm enjoying it experimenting with zbrush. So this is my first model I've done completely from scratch in Zbrush, it represents a head of Death of Rats, a Discworld character. Work time: 15 minutes


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    Hi, I'm starting to freelance, and to start my portfolio I'm offering a free model job, a model which I'll use for my portfolio, you order and I deliver with no money or any other compensation involved, only the credit. If someone's interested offer me a job and I'll pick one I feel most comfortable doing and get started, only I have a few more projects so perhaps it'll take some time. Also I will not be resctricted from my own touches

    I'm willing to cover everything from modeling, texturing, rigging to animating.

    I'll do my best don't worry

    The head is just for promo purposes


  4. Hello Cherub Rocks.....Im BOTTIN ROCKS!!!! YEAH!!

  5. hi cherub,
    I looked so many times your threads but never posted anything. Now it's time to say to you that i really like what you do and your doing great job. I hope i'll be as good as you someday, even better hehe.
    continue posting plz