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  1. DefaultFinal Squidlien - For Now !



    Hi folks !
    I didnt finish it , it finished me. Spent about three days on this dude now and im kinda tired of looking at him - I know when im beat (or bored). Feel free to crit - but i know theres loads of things i would tweak !
    cheers- Si
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    Love it. Really succesuful concept as the excecution is. Dont know what to ctit actually.

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    Hi z people !
    So here's another WIP I have on the go ,this time it's a wood/timber troll.
    Any comments welcome but play nicely !!!!
    - SIWEB
    TROLLS WIP.jpg

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    Hi z-people !
    I will now be using this thread as my permanent sketchbook - Does anyone know if it's possible to re-name a thread title ?
    - SIWEB

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    Hi all,
    Thought I'd post this - I did it for Director Guillermo Del Toro (CLANG!! shameless name-drop !) for fun, on one of the very few days I had off from shooting Hellboy 2. I would'nt have been able to produce this as quickly without the awesome tool that is Zbrush ! Still some work to do on it before I throw it in the folio.
    As always c&c's welcome
    - SIWEB

    Lovecraft maw.jpg

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    Some other creatures I'm messing with !
    alien medley.jpg

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    Hi all,
    Just started this little character head for giggles.
    Comments welcome, unless it's to tell me the ears are too big etc.!!!

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    I was rifling through some old sculpts (all with bad topology !) and found this squid guy. This is a polypaint I put together tonight from various render layers, which I will post later to show the process.
    Any comments and crits welcome.
    Cheers -S

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    Hi all !
    Just a quick update on the eye's. Haven't had much time for personal work, so again, the art on these could be more refined (I only painted the veins halfway round the eye !).
    Arturo - thanks for the advice on the chrome mat for reflection , I messed with it a little and got something I like.
    Comments welcome
    - Si

  10. Energise's Avatar

    Great work man!

    Love everything from the colors to the amazing skin texture!

  11. I will be your party for sure Probably walk over around 8-8:30ish. Txt me when you know the room ok?