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    Am I the only person who misses some of those good old falloff's that lived at the bottom of the Mudbox interface? I have made a few brushes that I wanted to make available to who ever would like to use them. They are based on falloff curves found in mudbox. I went ahead and created macros that will automatically set the brush settings the way I found them to be most useful. Just extract the zip into your \ZBrush3\ZStartup\Macros\Brushes folder. Enjoy!

    (Click the pic for the file)

    If you would like to create one of your own all you need to do is create the geometry for the brush tip. I created mine in max using a line that I then lathed into geometry. Then import it into Zbrush. View it from the top and hit the "grabdoc" button in the alpha palette. Set your brush settings as desired and Save the brush in the brush palette.
  2. Thanks a lot !!

    I will check them out , i still have to learn so much about making custom brushes....
    BUT ...when i start to know how they work exactly i will contribute my brushes
    to this community as you generously did !!

    THANKS !

  3. Roland Kaiser's Avatar

    Hi Brian,

    many thanks for sharing your stuff !