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  1. DefaultPlaying with 3.0(some nude monsters)



    Hi My name is Rick Baker. I am a make-up effects artist by profession and a guy who goofs around with CG stuff for fun.I have been playing with ZBrush for two and a half years now and it has changed the way I think about computer modeling.For the past three months I have been beta testing ZB3.0 and all I can say is Wow!













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    tu tuuuuuuu! I hate spinache!!


  3. wow, nice one Rick..... and as if people donr know who you are

  4. Rick, amazingly detailed work. I hope you don't mind me asking but what sort of computer hardware system do you run to help create this level of detail. There is so much amazing artwork in the gallery I just wonder what sort of minimum system is required to create them. Once again yu beaut work. Larry

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    Woh, looks good that copper monster. But please stop showing us that nice stuff. We can't wait anymore for ZB3. Water is dripping out of my open mouth. I think I take some sleepingpills until I can download ZB3 (mac)

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    Ok Apparently I can't edit my post any more.Too bad I wanted to replace the last image of this guy with this one so I guess I'll have to put it here. I painted and sculpted him a bit more I figure the poly painting is about 3/4 finished.
    Plakkie yes poly painting is similar to what we use to do in projection master but you don't have to drop and pick it up.

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  7. Dude - If this is what Popeye looks like today I can only guess about Olive, Wimpy and Bluto (before he was Brutus).

    How old is SweetPea now anyway???

  8. Honestly, that is what I've been waiting for. When does Mr.Monstermaker finally come out of the closet with his more sincere work. Beautiful experimentations and a beginning of showcasing just where all these decades of brilliance have been. I'm almost perfectly certain that this is merely a start!

    I'm sure that I'm speaking for all those, who are witnissing your exploding into 3d digital art, it kinda feels like being proud of you, but in reality it means being proud of having been there to follow along your explorations close to from the start!

    Absolutely fantastic pieces in there and I can't help but dig ol'popey, too.

    Man what a shame... murdered? Holy cow. Argh, such bastards, I'm so angry that such things have to happen. It's been a friend of mine, who's art I truely respect, who turned me on to Beksinski. I think he knew that his art had to be very close to my heart. Looking at the book he gave me I always felt inspiration and even encouragement. Awwwww...man i'm sad. Ah well.

    Oh, and, ehm, Rick...don't flatter yourself with your age too much, but if it helps to being even prouder, go right ahead. It IS your experience and along with your original talent that gives you the power to do what you do with such deeply saturated brilliance behind it. Therefore I believe it may just be a sort of encouragement you are giving to others, when you speak of your age!

    Thank you and I'm already thrilled to see what comes next... but first I'm going to study some more what you've done here! Real beauties...

  9. Mister Baker, You have been my biggest inspiration since I was a kid. I am probably your biggest fan and seeing that you have master Zbrush is further motivation to keep at it..

    Richard Whitehead

  10. Oh wow! THE Rick Baker?????? On this forum?? Sweet!! I am a huge fan of your work and actually had no idea that old school special effects artists such as yourself would actually be into CG. Your Z-brush work is truly inspiring and incredibly amazing! A little creepy, but amazing! I would personally love to see more of what you do posted here.


  11. http://cactolab.googlepages.com/