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  1. Defaultdark elf project....



    .....Hum...started a new character wich purpose will be to learn skinning rigging and animation's realated stuff...so i first did a ugly monster see thread here:

    but thought that rig and animate that thing was a bit silly for a beginer (and it wasn't ideal for it anyway..)
    so i quickly started a charater that turned into an elf...a dark elf as i will make him (or try at least) mean ...ill be working on him during my spare time so update might take a while and im learning as well
    iHe is on preliminar stage where im trying to get the forms and masses corrects and suiting for animation (as i can guess them )
    the idea is doing a high rez mesh in ZBrush, then creating an animation ready version in maya...adding armors and the like and starting the rigging of that buddy...anyway, here is the first "sketch" of his head..
    Crits welcome ....

  2. Wow the realism is almost confronting! - in a good way - Exellent work! There are a few area's of concern :

    The nose - I think it could be left just the way it is - however, I would personally provide it more structure, defining the cartlidge, soft skin better.

    The eyes - I think are obvious points of conern.

    Thats about it for now - looking back on your gallery, I did have more comments, but I decided not to add them until you've worked on the piece alittle more