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  1. VideoMedical App using ZBrush



    Just wanted to let everyone know that an app we built using ZBrush launched to the App Store yesterday. Surgical Anatomy of the Liver is our first app at Emory.

    We have a brief making of video, where you see me working a little in ZBrush:

    Happy ZBrushing,

    Michael Konomos, MS, CMI
    Medical Illustrator
    Visual Medical Education
    Emory University School of Medicine
  2. We created our app for surgical residents and medical students. They normally have to learn the liver through CT scans (if you can imagine that!).

    The liver is on the left, and we are looking at the body from the perspective of the feet. I used this image, among many others, as reference for the liver, as well as working with Dr. Shishir Maithel, a surgical oncologist that is a real expert on liver anatomy.