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    thanks a bunch, Nolan_R, Santis, Polyhead90, and Ryan!

    I moved recently, so I haven't had quite as much time to do personal work lately
    I'm fighting against that now though, so I did another timelapse.

    It's been a while since I did something in quite this style, so I decided to do a really anime-y Star Skipper

    This timelapse doesn't really use any special features of zbrush like the last ones, so hopefully it's not too boring for yallz!
  2. Funky Bunnies's Avatar

    Hey thanks JL-Art, gbhering, davorek, and ChristophS

    And Christoph, you're right about the smoothness. I've been told that a lot, but I still feel like my meshes aren't all that smooth. I do use the smooth brush heavily, also really using the move brush a lot to avoid messing up the surface too much with other brushes unless they're necessary. Other than that I think my sculpting style is pretty normal, so it may actually just be an illusion based on the compression of the videos!

  3. ChristophS's Avatar

    Thanks for the info, I appreciate it.

  4. Ehren's Avatar

    I always admire your sculpting

  5. Looks like its influenced by the opening animation from Diebuster (Gun Buster 2)

  6. Bigodon's Avatar

    ice cream girl is my fave
    loved the style, loved her eyes

    very inspiring

  7. I have watched a lot of tutorials, and amongst them by several very famous ZBrush artists, and I have watched many workflows, but I have never seen anyone with a technique as fluid as yours. You create with the ease of some cartoonist draughtsman using a pencil.
    Of course this is a question of practice and lots of it, but it is a pleasure watching you work.

    If you ever do a more detailed workflow movie - it does not have to be a tutorial, just the entire interface and more realtime passages than fast overviews, I'll gladly hit the Support button, or pay for it.


  8. O/MI's Avatar

    well said erik ... i think the same your videos are a pleasure to watch and learn from

  9. boozy floozie's Avatar

    I too agree with Erik

    I have watched many workflows, but I have never seen anyone with a technique as fluid as yours.
    The fastest and most efficient technique I've ever seen for setting up a female face.

    ......Nobody tries to be lah-di-dah or uppity--There's a cup-o'-tea for all.
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    thanks a bunch, you guys!

    Ehren: Thanks a bunch, man! Love all the stuff you've been doing for Mcfarlane!
    Bigodon: Thanks! Glad you dig it
    Erik Heyninck: Thanks a bunch for the kind words! I'm glad you dig my stuff. Maybe when I get good enough I'll do a more realtime video ^^
    O/MI: hey same to you, Oliver! I'd love to see more process vids from you, I always love your work!
    boozy floozie: Hey thanks a bunch, dude!!

    It's been a long time since I did any personal work - so long, in fact, that i had to get used to the updated Zbrushcentral interface yet again!
    So I did a Valentine's Day sculpt this time, along with a timelapse for anyone who's interested. Happy Valentine's Day, ya'll!


    I still have to dig into the Zbrush4r7 features, so this is sorta a warmup before taking a serious crack at a project in the new Zbrush

  11. Funky Bunnies's Avatar

    I've been trying to put more time into personal sculptinz lately, so this is my latest attempt

    I did a fanart of Phoenix Wright because I'm a big fan of the games, hope you dig it!

    I also did a video with a little snippet [finally] giving Zbrush timeline a proper go, hopefully it's entertaining