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Getting Started with Sculptris Pro
This 3 part Workshop hosted by Paul Gaboury will get you up and running on everything Sculptris Pro, from UI and usage, customization, and combining it with other ZBrush features.
Getting Started with...Using Tessimate
Learn to manipulate topology to your needs with the Tessimate feature. Your host Paul will show multiple examples of how to use this powerful feature with the addition of explaining the difference between Tessimate and Decimate.
Using TessimateThe Basics of PolyGroupIt
In this 2 part Workshop, Paul Gaboury will give you a full run down of how to use PolyGroupIt, then in part 2 we'll show you how PolyPaint and PolyGroupIt can be utilized together.
The Basics of...Using Elastic & Liquid Curve Mode
This Lesson will show multiple Curve Mode examples including IMM Curves, the elastic option, the liquid option, Lock Start, Lock End, Rotate Curve, and Smooth Curve. Now let's go make some Curves!
Using Elastic &...Discovering Groups by Normals
Creating PolyGroups can be very useful when modeling and or sculpting in ZBrush. In this Lesson, we'll demonstrate how to create new PolyGroups on a hard surface model using it's normals and edge degrees.
Discovering Groups by...Deformers
A Workshop focused on the powerful wide spectrum of ZBrush's Deformers. Buckle in as your host Solomon Blair takes you through each Deformer and their abilities.
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Thankyou very much @Boozy glad you liked em! Had to google El Greco as my art history is somewhat lacking but really liked his works too, cheers!! and the last post of old works, so after this all new ones! yewwww Like I say a lot of these are just concept sketches, and I really just love starting new projects, which i dont give myself too hard a time about seeing they are coming out of my personal time. Once I can see where its going to finish up I kinda lose interest as it becomes a bit like work from there on. Moving forward I will attempt to start taking them a bit further and put a little more into presenting them since im now actually posting to a forum now, rather then just FB lol. So thanks for bearing with me! Convict Ment to be a bit of a prohibition gangster... should have done the hair at least..maybe one day Emaciated Orc. Medusa.. made you look Skeleton warrior, this is being taken further for 3d print too. This is a little diorama Im working on, but its been on hold for about a year so it may not ever get finished Creature Concept Cookie Monster Bandet with cool hair, future 3d print POC Well thats it for old works, I have a few more elaborate works on the go which im kinda hesitant to show cause you lose the wow factor, but that only really works if you ever bring them to a resolved point ey! lol, anyways gotta get back to work, thanks for your time!

  • Max33
    Awesome. Your art is amazing in many aspects... Thanks for sharing!
  • ToToDost
    Wow!! Your work is very Graet. I like your antomy creature work very much. Keep track of your work.




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Thanks @Sudhan! some more old works.. some really old lol Balass the proverbial **** kicker Mounted La'Fardozie, Vulture capitalist the Dugan of Wortsguirst Startled Vamp, 'bloody hungry' Doc Rampantstien, OG Character artist, one of the first piece i ever did. a little bundle of joy Amari 'gold blooded' ANZAC Diggers sketch Sci-Fi Pirate concept sketch Lads, RIP Sarticus 1 sketch 4 ways Beaked Minotaur, think this was like my second piece so way back, kinda hard to look at now haha.

  • boozy floozie
    A great pleasure to see a fine collection of your work posted here. Greetings and welcome. Even when in cariacture there's something of El Greco in your choice of lengthened and stretched forms. Enjoyed it very much




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J.Rampant sketchbook
Gday Z-Peoples, its been a long time coming but i figured id finally get around to starting a sketchbook on here! Ive been lurking in the shadows absorbing all the beautiful work here for long enough, its time I get involved with the community and start sharing stuff somewhere other then facebook cause im getting over that place! well Im usually not one for saying much, but this being the first post I'll tell ya a little about myself. Im a 35 year old Aussie who grew up off the grid in the bush playing backyard footy and cricket, collecting bull ants, and drawing the Hulk, my first career was in construction as a rigger, until 2010 when my brother died which was the catalyst for me to take a chance and make art my life. who woulda guessed a couple years later id be working at Weta, so it was the greatest gift I could imagine, so thanks Mark. Im just posting some old personal work here today to start with but will be tring to keep it updated as we go along. Apologies for some of my lack of presentation skills, I just love sculpting so much I try to keep everything else really simple in my personal time, most of these are just BPR renders. Thanks for viewing and of course comments, critics and questions always welcome and appreciated! Cheers! Blunt Thar: and a quick mount concept Nurse Amy: some brute concept, Forhallen, the Demon slayer concept Rok'Soli, Beserker troll Sketch of my gumpy Pappy Critter concept Symbiote Creature concept Games workshop IP 'Typhus, herald of Nurgle'

  • Sudhan
    Welcome to ZBC! Thank you sharing your story with the community, Going through the work you've attached with this first post was thoroughly enjoyable. I eagerly look forward to your subsequent posts! ^_^ -Sudhan