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Getting Started with Sculptris Pro
This 3 part Workshop hosted by Paul Gaboury will get you up and running on everything Sculptris Pro, from UI and usage, customization, and combining it with other ZBrush features.
Getting Started with...Using Tessimate
Learn to manipulate topology to your needs with the Tessimate feature. Your host Paul will show multiple examples of how to use this powerful feature with the addition of explaining the difference between Tessimate and Decimate.
Using TessimateThe Basics of PolyGroupIt
In this 2 part Workshop, Paul Gaboury will give you a full run down of how to use PolyGroupIt, then in part 2 we'll show you how PolyPaint and PolyGroupIt can be utilized together.
The Basics of...Using Elastic & Liquid Curve Mode
This Lesson will show multiple Curve Mode examples including IMM Curves, the elastic option, the liquid option, Lock Start, Lock End, Rotate Curve, and Smooth Curve. Now let's go make some Curves!
Using Elastic &...Discovering Groups by Normals
Creating PolyGroups can be very useful when modeling and or sculpting in ZBrush. In this Lesson, we'll demonstrate how to create new PolyGroups on a hard surface model using it's normals and edge degrees.
Discovering Groups by...Deformers
A Workshop focused on the powerful wide spectrum of ZBrush's Deformers. Buckle in as your host Solomon Blair takes you through each Deformer and their abilities.
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Hi guys. This work is created in accordance with Anubis which is a fantasy creature of Egyptian mythology. The accessory part refers to the setting of Warhammer. I hope you will like it. Zbrush

  • ZedHead
    Amazing detail and great pose!!!




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Recent practice
Hey guys!This is my recent practice , the theme of mage. Unfortunately, I didn’t find the author’s name of this 2d setting. The whole model was completed in zbrush and I hope you like it.

  • Tristanartform
    A lot of really great stuff going on with this piece.
  • wanghaoyu
    Thank you Tristanartform!




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Day of Reckoning
Hello guys, this is the first work of mine released on ZBrush Central. Personally, I am very interested in themes of tough guy and dragon, so I collected many related concept arts for production. In the long fight against the dragons, the decisive battle finally came as the warrior pined for. Faced with the aggressive dragon, he was determined to give a desperate strike! In the model part, I combine 3dmax and zbrush, use FiberMesh of zbrush for the hair, make rendering with arnold and used photoshop for post production. I hope all of you will like my work!

  • FourRock
    Very good story That's what I like good job
  • Victorya
    Stunning work,Very cool!
  • Kloo
    VERY cool work! I like it!