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Getting Started with Sculptris Pro
This 3 part Workshop hosted by Paul Gaboury will get you up and running on everything Sculptris Pro, from UI and usage, customization, and combining it with other ZBrush features.
Getting Started with...Using Tessimate
Learn to manipulate topology to your needs with the Tessimate feature. Your host Paul will show multiple examples of how to use this powerful feature with the addition of explaining the difference between Tessimate and Decimate.
Using TessimateThe Basics of PolyGroupIt
In this 2 part Workshop, Paul Gaboury will give you a full run down of how to use PolyGroupIt, then in part 2 we'll show you how PolyPaint and PolyGroupIt can be utilized together.
The Basics of...Using Elastic & Liquid Curve Mode
This Lesson will show multiple Curve Mode examples including IMM Curves, the elastic option, the liquid option, Lock Start, Lock End, Rotate Curve, and Smooth Curve. Now let's go make some Curves!
Using Elastic &...Discovering Groups by Normals
Creating PolyGroups can be very useful when modeling and or sculpting in ZBrush. In this Lesson, we'll demonstrate how to create new PolyGroups on a hard surface model using it's normals and edge degrees.
Discovering Groups by...Deformers
A Workshop focused on the powerful wide spectrum of ZBrush's Deformers. Buckle in as your host Solomon Blair takes you through each Deformer and their abilities.
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Maya 2018 Primitives IMM Brush
This Insert Multi Mesh brush contains 24 basic primatives created with and imported from Maya 2018, to aid in suclpting and hardsurface modeling workflow. The brush works like any ZBrush IMM brush. You must first have a 3D Ploymesh as a subtool, then you drag on its surface the selected primative from the list after pressing M or from the top bar. To quickly open the brush, you may press the shortcut (B) then (I) on the keyboard and it will be amongst IMM brushes list. To load the brush automatically everytime you launch ZBrush, copy the brush file (IMM_Maya.ZBP) to C:\Program Files\Pixologic\ZBrush 4R8\ZStartup\BrushPresets, that's for Windows based systems. I didn't try it on ZBrush 4.7, but it should work fine. Happy modeling and sculpting




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ZModeler Wishlist
This is my very first Zmodeler project, a Camaro 68. Although I primarily use Maya for my modeling work, I wanted this time to explore ZModeler. The car model is far from perfect, and I really couldn't enhance it further as I badly missed basic tools that would have made my work more precise and easier, such as: 1. The ability to manually select a group of points and edges to move/manipulate them. I did use masking and ZM points/edges move tool as much as I can, but there is a limitation and inadequate control in such tools. 2. Edge extrusion (extending edges like Maya for example). I overcome this missing tool by adding an edge loop to the end of a poly for example and then move the added edge to where I want, but it would be nice to simply have an edge extrusion that extends/make another poly of a plane geo for example. 3. Edge cut tool (adding edges manually/connecting edges between points manually). This is by far the most missed tool and I did struggle a lot in modeling the car absent such a tool and ended up with lots of unneeded polys because I couldn't manually change the topo of many of the model parts. So, those are basically my ZModeler wishlist that I truly hope they will be added in future releases. I understand that ZBrush is essentially a sculpting software that recently has added more controlled hard surface modeling tools like ZModeler, just like Maya for example is essentially a modeling software that in the past years began introducing sculpting tools. The idea basically is to have a full 3D sculpting/modeling package rather than jumping from software to another, which is a great idea. This becomes even more practical in ZB where we can create base hard surface models within the software to expand them further with its powerful sculpting tools.

  • ilel david
    Great start! and I wish zbrush on the upcoming release take into account the points you mention edge extend would be a time saver also as edge cut tool.