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Getting Started with Sculptris Pro
This 3 part Workshop hosted by Paul Gaboury will get you up and running on everything Sculptris Pro, from UI and usage, customization, and combining it with other ZBrush features.
Getting Started with...Using Tessimate
Learn to manipulate topology to your needs with the Tessimate feature. Your host Paul will show multiple examples of how to use this powerful feature with the addition of explaining the difference between Tessimate and Decimate.
Using TessimateThe Basics of PolyGroupIt
In this 2 part Workshop, Paul Gaboury will give you a full run down of how to use PolyGroupIt, then in part 2 we'll show you how PolyPaint and PolyGroupIt can be utilized together.
The Basics of...Using Elastic & Liquid Curve Mode
This Lesson will show multiple Curve Mode examples including IMM Curves, the elastic option, the liquid option, Lock Start, Lock End, Rotate Curve, and Smooth Curve. Now let's go make some Curves!
Using Elastic &...Discovering Groups by Normals
Creating PolyGroups can be very useful when modeling and or sculpting in ZBrush. In this Lesson, we'll demonstrate how to create new PolyGroups on a hard surface model using it's normals and edge degrees.
Discovering Groups by...Deformers
A Workshop focused on the powerful wide spectrum of ZBrush's Deformers. Buckle in as your host Solomon Blair takes you through each Deformer and their abilities.
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High The Horse Episode 2 " Free Air "
Hello ! Here it is, the second episode of High The Horse : " Free Air " YOUTUBE LINK : [/URL] Enjoy, feel free to share and if you want to support me, please consider becoming a Patron of mine on Patreon : [URL=""] Wout

  • Wouttgh
    Yay, thanks for watching !
    Nice work Wouttgh, possible to get some details on what you animated in and rendering engine? I really like what you have done!
  • Wouttgh
    [COLOR=#AAAAAA]Thanks Lacko Sure, it's all animated and rendered in Lightwave. I used Zbrush to free flow model the characters, then rigged in Lightwave, animated with a lower poly mesh ( that auto remesher/retopology function is awesome !, Super...




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Wout Sketchbook
Hey everyone ! this is my very first post here, I just signed up. Now would be a good time to say how much I love this program, the amount of freedom it delivers in the creative process and the fact that the developers make me feel like I'm getting presents all the time I will be posting my sketches here from time to time. I'm fairly new to ZBrush but I like what I've seen so far a lot. Hopefully this thread will prove interesting and fun for everyone involved Thanks for having a look ! Here's my first sketch: