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Creating a Scene with Snapshot3D - Part 1
Part 1 is an introduction to building this scene, discussing and demonstrating how Snapshot3D works inside of SpotLight. We'll review importing, selecting, and loading alphas to SpotLight.
Creating a Scene with...BPR Filters: Getting Started - Part 1
Part 1 - Getting Started and Filters Overview
BPR Filters: Getting...Universal Camera
Make adjustments to your camera position and focal length between ZBrush and other 3D applications with Universal Camera.
Universal CameraFolders
Organize your ZBrush creations using the Folder system. There's much more to Folders than you may think, discover the power of Folder Actions, play our Lesson videos to learn how!
FoldersZRemesher 3.0 - KeepCreases & KeepGroups
Let's familiarize ourselves a little better with ZRemesher's KeepCreases & KeepGroups functionality. In this Lesson example, we'll take a pair of mech designed wings with various types of topology and apply ZRemesher with the help of Creases and PolyGroups. Applying these functions can assist with future mesh editing including Dividing, sculpting, and PolyPainting.
ZRemesher 3.0 -...ZRemesher 3.0 - DetectEdges
Let's familiarize ourselves a little better with ZRemesher's DetectEdges functionality. In this Lesson example, we'll take a gear model that has a triangulated mesh with no PolyGroups or no mesh ID, but has edges to help utilize the DetectEdges function. Once DetectEdges is activated, we can convert our mesh to quad based geometry, create PolyGroups, and most importantly retain our clean or hard edges. This function can assist with future mesh editing including Dividing and sculpting or features that utilize PolyGroups.
ZRemesher 3.0 -...
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Free 3D Teeth Model
Hey friends, I have created a 3d teeth model that is available for FREE at The package contains the original ZBrush file (version 2018.1), a Marmoset Toolbag scene (version v3.03) and the corresponding 4k maps (Albedo, Normal, AO and Glossiness) If you have already downloaded the free 3d gladiator reference model, please check your inbox. I’ve sent you an email with the download link for the 3d teeth two weeks ago. Cheers, Ben Ps.: the presentation of the teeth is inspired by the great work of Luc Begin (

  • Thanks for your comment Andy, I'm glad you like it! Cheers, Ben | 3D Gladiator
  • Bosh
    2 Days Ago
    Really nice, I'll be taking a look. I find complete models with textures like this so useful for learning from. Subscribed!




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3D Gladiator Sketchbook
Dear ZBrush Community, I would like to share with you this gladiator model. It started as a simple anatomy study and quickly turned into this grumpy looking fellow. Except the lowres version, the entire project was realized in ZBrush. Thanks to the long list of amazing tools, today ZBrush is pretty much the only modeling software you need from start to finish! The complete 3d model with all accessories is available for FREE on The package contains ZTL, FBX, MAX, OBJ and 3DS files. Take a look at the following key facts: - ZTL as native format (ZBrush 4R8 is required), - T-pose and posed version available, - intact polygroups and subdivision levels, - accessories attached as separate subtools, - total polygon count: 19 million I’m developing some awesome new content and tools right now to help you build a better portfolio faster. Stay tuned! Ben | 3D Gladiator

  • MIMDIAmond
    nice work and I truly love the details of him especially the helmet is so cool.
  • Thanks for your comment Mohamad and your kind words! The files are free to use, so you can use them however you'd like. Cheers, Ben | 3D Gladiator