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Live Boolean
Welcome to the Live Boolean Workshop! Here you'll discover 3 Lessons including examples of hard surface and organic Live Booleans, a step by step follow-along, and lastly how to use the Show Coplanar and Show Issues buttons when creating your own meshes.
Live BooleanGizmo 3D
Welcome to the Gizmo 3D Workshop! Here Joseph will cover how to get started and how to use the Gizmo 3D.The Gizmo 3D is a simple yet powerful tool within ZBrush, learn this along with it's sibling Transpose to become a ZBrush master!
Gizmo 3DThe Basics of ZBrushCore
Welcome to ZClassroom! If this is your first time using ZBrushCore, your first time coming to ZClassroom, or you just need to brush up on your ZBrush fundimentals, this is a perfect series to check out.
The Basics of...Head Sculpting with Steve James
Welcome to a six part Workshop completely in ZBrushCore, hosted and taught by Steve James. This series will focus on a head bust from start to finish. Follow along or use Steve's workflow to create your own character.
Head Sculpting with...Changing Languages
English isn't your language of choice, no problem, follow this lesson to find out how to change ZBrushCore's language settings.
Changing LanguagesA Key Chain for 3D Printing
Joseph Drust will take you through the basics of sculpting as well as optimizing your key chain for 3D printing.
A Key Chain for 3D...
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Aagaroth - The Royal Assassin
Hey guys! Want to share my latest personal character I created. It was modeled in 3dmax and Zbrush. Mari and photoshop for texturing. Rendered in vray. Had a lot of fun designing it, hope you like it!

  • tiagori
    2 Days Ago
    Thanks a lot guys. @Will Morillas: I did the torn parts manually in 3dmax. Just subdivided (you can use the tessellate button for this) where you want those torn sections then extrude and move those points following some nice reference. After the...