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Dynamic Subdivision
Dynamic Subdivisions give you the capability to preview a model at various levels of preview resolution, while respecting additional functionality like creases, without subdividing your mesh.
Dynamic SubdivisionZBrush for Concepting
Welcome to our ZBrush for Concepting six part series, featuring Joseph Drust and Andrew Bosley. Watch as we start with quickly produced 3D models and finish with a beautiful 2D concept piece. Throughout the six part series you'll learn features that include ZBrush's ZModeler Brush, 2.5D features, Alpha creation, Surface Noise, The Zbrush to Keyshot Bridge, KeyShot Rendering, and lastly a Photoshop paint over and texture overview. An amazing collaboration between Joseph Drust and Andrew Bosley. For more tutorials from Joseph visit here and for concepts by Andrew visit
ZBrush for ConceptingCreating a Character with IMM Brushes & Gizmo 3D
A three part Workshop that will focus on creating a character with three key features offered in ZBrushCore.
Creating a Character...ZModeler Introduction
Introducing, the latest tool to be added in your modeling pipeline, ZModeler Brush! This brush is geared specifically towards low polygon modeling, but not limited to. Adding-on to the standard methods of low polygon modeling, we have developed an all in one Brush that will allow you not only access all low poly modeling functions, but also intuitively develops a brush workflow. Some of the features in this brush include adding and removing multiple edge loops, beveling, extruding multiple surfaces, smooth subdivision modifiers, bridging holes and surfaces, and more. Jump into this classroom to learn all you will need to begin using this brush!Featuring 4 introductory videos to help get started before you dive into more advanced ZModeler Actions.
ZModeler IntroductionArrayMesh
ArrayMesh is an advanced array system in ZBrush that will allow you to create duplicate instances of geometry in varying patterns and shapes. This feature operates in real-time as you edit the structure of the original mesh or adjust the modifiers of the array. Using the sliders located in the ArrayMesh sub-palette or simply using ArrayMesh with Transpose can quickly generate complex instanced geometry. The ArrayMesh system also incorporates a multi-stage approach that allows you to nest multiple arrays within each other. With this system you can easily create instanced shapes such as tank treads or full buildings!
ArrayMeshRadial Symmetry
Joseph Drust will show you how Radial Symmetry works in ZBrushCore.
Radial Symmetry
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Ali: This character is part of a project that we are working on.

  • Galal
    selwy That's such an honor....I believe I'm your biggest fan
  • selwy
    Galal, I’m the one who feels honored! You guys set the bar very high for many of use. I use your work as quality reference for my current projects! It’s inspiration and motivation at the same time. Thank you very much for that! Best, Selwy




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Generic Male
Hello Everyone this is our latest (some of you might have seen the video already) The purpose of this project was to create a generic male head for a Facial rigging tech demo at Snappers. Team members that took part of this were : Galal Mohey Yasser El-Sherbiny Abdelrahman Shebl Ahmed Salim Still images was rendered using Arnold, ALshaders and hair using Xgen. We used Ornatrix for the hair cards in the Unreal Engine version. Details were sculpted manually in Zbrush and enhanced using TexturingXYZ tillable maps. more images at Snappers Website: Snappers Facebook page: For any info or questions





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Snappers Team
Hi Everyone, I created this thread so that me and my Teammates at Snappers can share stuff that we've been working on. We'll post here some of our side projects and doodles. Barbara Palvin: A likeness, Shading and Grooming study Based on Barbara Palvin that we've been developing at Snappers. Details were sculpted manually in Zbrush and enhanced using TexturingXYZ tillable maps.

  • Amir hossein
    woooooooooow vrey vrey good Is wonderful
  • Amir hossein
    This should not take top row, I was going super well
  • ClayBear
    amazing work! TR material




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This another character we developed at Snappers based on a concept by Mac smith "Ori"