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    Default Halloween Spirit

    May Jack-o-lanterns burning bright
    Of soft and golden hue
    Pierce through the future's veil and show
    What fate now holds for you.
    ~Author Unknown

    Hello everyone,
    I finally dared to post my entry for this Halloween challenge. These are the first WIP images.
    I hope you like it, and good luck!

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    Default Some more WIP images

    I added an extra character and I've been working on the background.

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    Default Tricked or treated?

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    Default Trick or treat?

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    Default More progress on the evil witch

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    Default Update

    This isn't final, I hope I'll finish it in time.
    Any comments appreciated.

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    Default Final entry - Hag costume

    Happy Halloween everyone!
    I managed to finish my entry in time and went wild with a 3d version as well
    I gave it a name too- Hag costume.
    Here it is, it's been fun working on it, I hope you like it:

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