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    Long Eared Apocalypse is the code name for a game that I am developing for the iPhone and iPad. I have been developing the character concepts and below is the first 3D high poly concept - The Dirt Fur. Below are renders of the polypainted model and renders in different textures to show off the details.

    Dirt Fur Character Concept.jpg

    DirtFurFullPainted.jpg DirtFurEarsPainted.jpg DirtFurHeadPainted.jpg DirtFurFullMetal.jpg DirtFurSkinClose.jpg DirtFurSkinClose.jpg

    There is also video teaser for the game using the Dirt Fur Model.

    The games development can be followed at: LeaTheGame.blogspot.com

    Any comments and suggestions would be really useful.


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    I think that you should go back to the drawing board on this "concept". i would suggest staying low poly as long as possible and work your way up.
    also this concept creation dvd should help. http://www.blender3d.org/e-shop/prod...roducts_id=122 It can be found for free and legally around the net. also free legit zbrush learning courtesy of Jason Welsh.
    best of luck.

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