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    Default alien building wip

    ZBrush Document.jpg

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    Good start, is it one piece or tons of pieces?

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    well its actually made of 5 subtools. i found myself limited on the amount of detail because my pc starts working funny after reaching 25 mil polies.

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    toon girl.jpg
    Hi guys, this was just to practice the transpose tools, then a cartoon shader and transparency, nothing too serious but i decided to post it to get some feed back.


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    Default Good start

    Nice start on the female figure!

    Quick crits

    - appendages need rounding off towards the ends (tips of fingers/toes too pointy)

    - even though the proportions are incorrect, i really like the ridiculously long legs, so depending on how realistic or stylised you want the figure, make sure you've got the proportions balanced to suit the render

    - great face. great pose. the rest just needs work as you mentioned before.

    keep it up broo.
    Current Character WIP - http://www.zbrushcentral.com/showthread.php?p=755178#post755178

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    Thanks Choco, i will take all that into account, shame all the credits on the model and the toon shader is not mine( i cannot really remember who made it otherwise i will refer it here), but its ok, i did have lot of fun posing it and adding some detail. Guess i also need to b more careful when smothing too much on thouse fingers and toes .

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    Hi guys , the reason why i post this here is to find out who's being using Zbrush and Vue to render.
    I created this model long time ago and decided to render it in vue and loved it, but Im still a noob so i will appreciate if some one could help me spot the pro and con of using Vue to render.( i just heard Vue9 render is better but this was made using V 8.5)

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    Default WIP Hard Surface

    Practicing some hard surface modeling. even though its not finished i would like to recieve some c & c

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    Default Character 5

    hi guys Im doing this from a mesh shared by nick to practice texturing retopo and more so i would appreciate some C & C. I have also reached my top amount of polys (30 some millions).
    And please if u could suggest a nice retopo tutorial in Zbrush for multiple subtools will b great.


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    Hi guys just a litle update<

    nomada 2.jpg

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    ggghthft.jpg some hard surface fun
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    Default new project

    ZBrush Document.jpg

    Hi everyone, Im working on this right now, i have to retopologize it down to 5k .

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    wow man great work

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    only Zbrush fun

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    its being a while since my last post, so here it is something i made after being inspired by Orbs works currently in the top row
    As always excuse my English. thx

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