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    Default UV Master "An Error occured during the process!"

    I keep getting this message when I try using UV master. It seems to work pretty randomy. I'm not too sure how to fix this or what I'm doing wrong. Did the same thing I did before and it worked, and now I can't get it to work!
    Zbrush 3.1
    Maya 7.0
    Intel Core2 Quad CPU Q6600
    DDR2 3.25 GB
    ATI FireGL V5000
    Windows XP SP2

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    im having thi issue too, and i cant find an online solution

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    Default Try this...


    Try to press on the IMPORT button in the TOOL menu.

    Press cancel (no need to import a new tool).

    Try again!

    That's happen when you try UVMaster with the Demo Head tool, for exemple.

    Hope it will helpful!

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    Has anyone got another work around for this problem? The above answer of pressing the import button then hitting cancel does nothing to solve the problem!

    I've searched every web page ever created* and can't find anything to remedy the problem...

    *possible exaggeration

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    Default Solution!!

    You should save your work and after that, it is going to work!!
    The reason is it use a place to save the UV layout too. That used to happen to me, but i just saved it and now is working Very Good!.

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    Well the last solution doesn't work for me. But it happens when i use remesh. For me the solution was to decimate my model under 100k polys. And then it works (for me).

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    I'm getting this problem also. I can not finish my model because of it

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    The Solution i found is to eliminate a bunch of Rubbish Polygons that i think are kinda a glitch in QRemesher/ dynamesh. i found it by taking my subtool, in this case it was a multi sectioned insect leg. To find the Rubbish Polygons. take the newly auto grouped cloned Sub tool, and hit group split under sub tool Palette. if it is the same problem that's causing the error as mine, you will see a bunch of mis shapen polygons in your sub tool pallet, but these subtools or mishapen polygones tend to not be visable in the work area. . if that is the case, go back to your original sub tool. auto group it, then select each individual poly group by Ctrl-Shift selecting them. until there is nothing left. invert selection now only the good polygons will be visable, so you go to Geometery in your subtool palette, and Del Hidden. that will kill all the rubbish polygons and you should be able to Uv Map with out an error.
    Hope that Helps

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    Default Probably a solution

    I did not have any rubbish polygons, as my mesh was very simple. Yet this error kept showing up.

    The saving .zpr solution mentioned above, didn't work either..
    So I simply exported my cloned tool (cloned for unwrapping) to where I have saved my project (anywhere that doesn't have an administrator's permission required; This is for Windows user.) and tried unwrapping again and it worked, no errors, and worked like a charm.

    So might work for those of you who are getting an error. It seems like a different reason this error is showing up for different users.


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    Default Had this issue to, took about half an hour to fix.

    Not sure if anyone is still having this issue but if you do I found a solution that worked for me...

    Just as a previous member mentioned, there was an issue with polygons within my sculpt. I slowly worked through the selected subtool and I believe there were some inverted inner polygons - A simple mask of the problamatic area, invert selection and then go to 'HidePT' under Visibility. That'll make it disserpaear from the screen. Next go to Geometry -> Modify topology -> 'Del Hidden' and finally select 'Close holes' (The button below Del hidden').

    Hope this helped, it took me ages to work this fix out and also a quick mention that the previously mentioned fixes did not work for me.

    Hope this helps someone.

    - Matt.

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    Default Fix Mesh Integrity / Smooth & Relax

    I was having the same Issue here. The mesh I had to unwrap was a root-like structure. Long and thin topology with a lot of branches.
    The solution was to clean the Mesh and give UV-Master some help with polygroups:

    1. Polygroup
    (Since it was imported from Houdini's L-System the topology consisted of polygonislands. So I could auto-group them)
    2. Geometry --> Z-Remesh with alt pressed and KeepGroups on
    3. Geometry --> MeshIntegrity --> Check & Fix Mesh
    4. Deformation --> Smooth and Relax
    5. UV Master Unwrap with Polygroups


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