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    Default Wizzie's Speed Sculpting Thread

    Wasn't in the mood to do a complete model but thought it'd be fun to do a speed sculpt for a demon head.

    I wanted it to be spiky and not something you'd want to run your hands over for fear of it coming back ripped and bloody.

    I spent 1.5 hours on it and I guess I could go further with it with polypainting and more detailing but I'm in the mood to continue this vein of speed sculpting just for practice.
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    Had some work I had to do and rather than push on with speed sculpting (which I will continue), I ended up wanting to do a speed polypaint on the demon to see what I could come up with and spent about 2 hours in Zbrush.

    Hope everyone likes it!
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    And the shots above are just from the Zbrush viewport......haven't done anything fancy via rendering or anything.

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    I'm reposting to insert the shots of the demon head full size. Don't know why it comes in so small to begin with....sorry!

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    it would be nice to see those wrinkles defined just a bit more, but over all its nice
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    Thanks for the comliment and suggestion, Matthew! I agree that the wrinkles could be a bit more defined and will do so when I get time to get back to this as it was done quickly as a speed exercise.....

    Love your old fashioned alien!

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    I wasn't going to get back to this but with it being a Saturday and I'm goofing, I defined the wrinkles more, added in some details and added in more polypainting. Crits welcome!

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