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    Default EaZy Toolz

    This plugin contains some buttons to do some simple things to save time. The features it contains now are:

    -Extracting a mask without out thicknes and without the ugly rough edge.
    -Making a duplicate of current subtool and makes it ready for an insert brush to be used after that you hide hit a button to delete everything except for the inserted meshes.
    -Does a quick 4x4 of Sdivs and makes the outcome the number of loops of panel loops this allows you to reconstruct after panel loops.
    -Bake all layers on all subtools.
    -My favorite A switch to turn off and on all surface noise on all subtools.
    -Just hitting export for all subtools you can quickly name them from 1 to whatever number you end with.(Great when sculpting a lot of assets and having them decimated in same order in a differ Ztool)
    -switching sub group export on and off on ll subtools.
    -Dynamesh with a custom amount of polish (Someone told me dynamesh with polish didn't work correctly so this is why it's in here).
    -A slider to set the sdviv for all subtools at once(I know there is a high/low vis all but I think this works a little bit nicer).
    -New auto groups this works much faster on heavy subtools when the polycount is way up there and you don't have sdiv(Tested it with some simple divided cylinders with a pretty high polycount without sdiv. It saved me 1 minute and 37 seconds)

    I'm still planning on adding more to the plugin once I find some more annoying things that I hate doing. If you have any ideas for features feel free to tell me. Also if something doesn't work please let me know so I can fix it.

    Link: https://gumroad.com/l/eUxqE

    The plugin is free.

    To Install just paste the zsc file in your zbrush plugin folder.

    Huge thanks to marcus_civis for always helping out with problems.

    Video of the features.

    http://<a href="https://www.youtube....K0fTuQ5178</a>

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    Good Job

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    Nice work!

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    The video link doesn't seem to work. But doing a search it seems to be here

    I hope this is correct

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