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    Default Basic Dragon Head 2

    Made this after many hours of working with my first Dragon model (also uploaded here). I decided to have the mouth open this time. Have fun!


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    Default SlugDuck

    As you can see, it looks like a mix between a Slug and a Duck, so..........


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    Default Simple Surfboard

    Pretty basic, but you never know who might have a use for it...!


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    Default Basic Dragon Head #3

    Includes .sc1 (for Sculptris) and .obj files. Horns and eyes are add-ons and can be repositioned in Sculptris.
    This is basically a more advanced version of my number 2 Dragon head. Hope someone likes it!


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    Default Old Crucifix Medallion

    Includes .sc1 (for Sculptris) and .obj files. Just something I had in my head. It's meant to be maybe 15th century...

    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Click image for larger version. 

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    Default Creepy Spike

    Includes .sc1 (for Sculptris) and .obj files. Yep, my SlugDuck wasn't weird enough.... btw, the eyes are add-ons


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    Default New to ZBC/Sculptris

    I've been playing with Sculptris for about 3 weeks now I think. I'm having so much fun with it, it's insane. Here are a few models i have. I started most of my models symmetrically just out of ease, now I'm doing more asymmetric stuff.
    I'll upload more, but I think I've done 11 or so creatures, with back stories and everything. Thanks for looking!

    Instagram: willjgonzalez
    Website: willjgonzalez.com

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    Holy cow those are great!!!!
    I don't know what I'm doing but I'm doing it anyway.

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    Default A few more of my creatures...

    Here are three more of my little creatures. Again, I use these for compositions and tattoo artwork - and of course for fun! Thanks for looking!!

    Instagram: willjgonzalez

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    Default Share your model, not the pics of them Please....

    I think some people have missed the idea of this topic......

    Unless I'm mistaken, isn't it meant to share the actual model with other users, not to share pictures of the model?
    There are several threads for sharing your pictures.

    If you want to share the models themselves, or any others, you should save the .sc1 file generated by sculptris, or export the model as a .obj file, then upload that file to a public share site such as ShareCG (which specializes in sharing models.. you will have to register there tho). You can then share the link to your uploaded model in the "Model Sharing" topic.

    Be aware though; most people who would want the shared model would probably expect to be able to use it (without restrictions) as they see fit, to expand on it or change it drastically to fit the need they had for it when they downloaded it. If that person is nice enough to give you credit for the work you put into whatever comes out of that, which most probably will, that's great, but not everyone will.

    If you don't want to share your current models, think of doing this in the future;
    Save an early version of your work ( I save all my projects in stages, so I can back-step and do things different if I don't like how it's going and I'm past the undo limit too much ). You can then upload one of the early versions for other modelers to build on.
    Their work will, in all likelihood, not even come close to looking like what your finished model did, but it might give them a basis from which they can build a great model with some twist, pulls, and adds here and there!

    Hope this helps in the future,

    PS: Sorry if I stepped on the OP shoes, but I've seen this mistake come up a few times, so.....
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    thanks for sharing these models.. all are awesome, but the last one of tree, was simply unique.. great..

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    Default Somewhat stylized face


    And version 2 (reworked and now 2 pieces) of my skull


    Some fun with inflate and pinch


    A variation of my stylized face, accentuated some features.

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    Ty so much for horse,I shall utilize for our non profit game, and contribute something myself very soon.


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    Excellent model,I'm certainly gonna download it

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