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    Well, I saw something in some random corner of a not so rounded mind. It certainly didn't exactly resemble this, but since I didn't create a 2d representation of it beforehand, this is what came out. While what I originally saw was a lot more caricaturish (is there a way to spell a non word?), though I've certainly got a considerable amount to add to it (and yes, I know that it has neither a mass appeal nor a specific focus), maybe the end result will at least end up a bit more coherent than where it currently appears.

    What's even worse is that I've spent a couple of sittings on this model...lol. Yet I am still going to finish it. Just because.

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    Guess I waited too long to edit that previous post. But, it was a bit of a slow day today. Thought I'd open this one back up to add in a few more details.

    Got a chance to finish this one for the most part. Didn't feel like making guns, so I threw in some bananas.

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    Surfing the internet a few days ago, I saw a competition for cgi stuff. Not going to enter, but it still looked like fun. The subject was "Pirate". So I thought it would be fun to make a random background pirate's head. Still working on it, but I finished up most of the sculpting. Added in some hair with Blender as well. Now I've got to go back into Sculptris to add in some sort of tattoos and dirt to try and give him more of a pirate look. Here he is without hair and once I finally got the hair in. I've still got to play around with Blender hair to get a better look, but it works for now.

    Added in a few details to the texture. Guess I'll call him done for now.

    Slow day, couple of quick sculpts.

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