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    Hey everyone!

    First off, the art on this site is incredible! I continually come here for inspiration, so thanks to everyone for posting such awesome artwork! And thanks Pixologic for the equally as awesome software!

    My name is Andre Boudreau and I am a 3D Artist, right now I'm currently finishing up this Starcraft 2 Fan Art so that I can post it right here, in this brand spanking new Sketchbook! aaand over at my blog.

    To model this, I used the Hydralisk concept that Samwise created, Maya, and ZBrush. Hopefully you guys like it, and I'm always up for critiques!

    Larger 3k render available here.

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    I don't really have enough experience to offer you any useful constructive criticism on your model.

    I just thought I'd post because I find it very impressive! Great job man, let's see some more stuff! Colossus maybe? Keep it up!
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    awesome model!

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    JayseR - Thanks man! A Colossus would be awesome

    michael_milano - Thanks!

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    Had some time to finish this off, so I did some texturing and modeled the stand as a final presentation.

    Andre Boudreau - Hydralisk for Web 10-04-2010.jpg
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