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    Thumbs down For Beginners You're Tutorials Often Miss the Mark

    I come back to Zbrush from time to time and I must say that when it comes to teaching the basics, Pixologic and all of the very talented people putting together 'tutorials' on Central are not actually teach beginners the basic. This is particularly the case with hard surface modelling - open up any hard edge 'beginner' tutorial and you're almost certainly faced with some hugely complex object. For example, where you should be starting with a cube and build up a complex object from that basic form, you may see a finished tank bristling with dozens of bits and pieces, or something equally complex. What beginners need to know is how to start with a simple form such as a cube, how to modify it and build on that, discovering along the way how to add various other objects that may or may not be part of the base object. Thus you're learning the interface at the same time. The way I see tutorials here is that it's already assumed you know all of the basic stuff and are totally familiar with them even though the tutorial may be aimed at a complete novice. I have news for you all of the would be teachers out there, beginners don't have a clue what's going on and they are not really interested in 'teachers' on an ego trip who are more interested in showing how clever they are using the product rather than imparting useful knowledge. Each step needs a full explanation of what the intention is and how it will be achieved; all I tend to see are demos of 'this is how I do it.' If you can't work at the KISS (keep it simple stupid) level, you might as well not bother with beginners. Don't demo - teach - there is a difference.
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    Hey there is there,
    i would like to ask some questions about a Zclassrooom video on the Pixologic website.
    The question is regarding this video Insert Multi Mesh Brick Wall part 1 @ 12:28
    Don't know if this is the right place to do it but i could not find anything with the search
    so here goes

    When mr tate clicks the create insert-brush from his 20 + textured stones. the result show a grey stone with out the textures
    He show this again by pressing M. Still when he inserts the stones with this brush in the next tutorial (part 2 @ 03:00) on the plane. the stones get placed with the textures.

    if i do this . it wont give me the textures/ polypaint.

    So the question is what is it what i am doing wrong. why do i have no textures.

    i've spent really a lot of time getting the textures right.
    so i would be a shame if i lost them now .
    hope you guys understand what i am asking

    thank you in advanc
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    I tried this tutorial as swell, and i think he forgot to mention one part, because i get exact same problem as you.
    When you look part 3 (i think), he does similar thing to a plane that he uses, but he does one thing that he didn't in part 1.

    When he is in texture map, he uses fill mat button, then choose colorize in polypaint menu. However, he does also press "polypaint from texture", right below that button, which as i understand, bakes that texture into polygons. When i did that, my subtool brick finally had a texture, so i think this was the problem, since he doesn't mention this in part 1.

    Hope this helps!

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    I only see one PolyPaint video on the ZClassroom site? I'm I missing something or is there only one video on it?


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    Default where are the concept car tutorials?

    I was trying to go back to some slightly older tutorials that used to be on ZClassroom...there was a concept car project tutorial that covered some great techniques for creating smooth edge loops on the borders of the polygroup selections.

    Can anyone point me to where those tuts are now?


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    Quote Originally Posted by rodney71 View Post
    I was trying to go back to some slightly older tutorials that used to be on ZClassroom...there was a concept car project tutorial that covered some great techniques for creating smooth edge loops on the borders of the polygroup selections.

    Can anyone point me to where those tuts are now?

    It is hidden here: http://www.pixologic.com/zclassroom/...tional-videos/

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    Very Nice New panel loop tutorials. Thank you.

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    Default Gr8

    Thanks a Mil... these are great videos, short and sweet and to the point... leaving creativity over to us....

    Keep them coming!


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    Quote Originally Posted by DLangley View Post
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    Quote Originally Posted by dimwalker View Post
    Some video tutorials start with scene already having some tools. And I have no idea where these came from.
    As a beginner I would really like some tips on where to find it("open lightbox and load X tool located in Y folder") or should I be looking for it at all. Since it seems sometimes author is using custom tools/brushes that I won't find in default zbrush installation.

    For example, I'm watching "Curve Insert Mesh Basics" video. Right from the start author grabs CurveStrap3 brush (which I don't have) and draws it on his character (which I can't find either). I feel completely lost here.
    So am I just looking in the wrong place or maybe tutorial materials could be downloaded somewhere separately?
    This is probably a little late (considering when this question was asked). But I just started out Zbrush recently, so I'm a noob checking out the videos.

    I've been looking for this brush as well, but it turns out the video tells you how to find them.

    You have to select the IMM Curve brush and then press M to get the different styles of curves.

    Ironically it's mentioned when the video is buffering... about the only time when I'd usually just minimize it

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    Default Need tutorials

    I am new to zbrush. I want to become perfect in zbrush. So plz let me know that where i can find basic tutorials . Thank you very much in advance.

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    Badking provides nice tutorials for free

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    Cool Nothing like Zbrush to me and my friends at work now we really hope for this thread

    This is a great idea!! we are subscribing to this post, so we can see how this thread evolves. I look forward to the responses

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    Default help with slice curve

    i am going through the slice curve tutorial under dynamesh. i just couldn't figure out how the group option separate the form as in the video. I did the slice curve, then remesh with the group option ( i have try dynamesh before and after the slice )...change to move mode, and ctrl click on one side of the cube and tried to move it as in the attached image. but the 2 forms are still connected. please help.

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