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    Default I imported a model with out unwrapping it( can i fix it now)

    I don't know how I forgot but i imported my model without unwrappign it or even applying mapping coordinates i sculpted it and love the sculpt. but now I can't create a displacement map is there a way to fix the uv map without having to go all the way back to the begging.

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    yes... You need not to worry ! Thats pretty much normal ... as a matter of fact thats how I work since. All you have to do is go to LvL 1 sub division on you sculpt and export that geometry as obj. Then import it to your favourite app in my case Maya and just unwrap you model *Keep in mind that you are not allowed to delete or add any edges or vertecies. Same goes for the position of you model when imported inside Maya*. When you re done just go tool menu inside zbrush and while youre still on the lowest subdivision of your sculpt click import and thats it !
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    Default one more question

    ok thanks for the quick answer i have one more question is there a way to wield the verticeis max I noticed that on the tail of my model i didn't wield two vertices at the tip of the tail is there a way i can weild that little problem when i am in max or should i jut leave it alone now.

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