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    Avatar is a first 3D picture. Avatar is a nice film and very popular. Avatar film effect is very clearly and nice. In this film characters are makes effect very clearly. Avatar is my favorite 3D film.
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    awesomeee love it!!! so inspiring
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    Default Love the movie

    I watched this movie over and over again. Amazing and realistic. On the big cinema screen, I could see every details and they were breathtaking. Thank you.

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    Default Very Nice

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    No word to say exept: " My compliments for this great & amazing work "

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    This thread is very long, and I may have missed it where you explain the way you captured the likeness' of the characters. Were they initially 3D scans of the actors? or did you sculpt from scratch? Either way the work is absolutely stellar! I'm just curious about the process. I can't express what a joy it is to look thru these images.

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    This is such a great work, Congrats man!

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    Default hi

    so scared of it :P

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    Thumbs up Wow

    You my friend are a genius! Incredible work. Curios to know if you'll be working on the new ones as well. I'm guess heck yes - Thanks for sharing

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    Default Cool

    haaa, now i get it. Never would thought that all this were doing in this way....

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    wow that's an amazing job. i didn't even expected that it could be made so good. thanks very much there's a lot that i need to learn and most importantly that I CAN learn from you guys. would you mind if i am going to ask some questions when i will need some help, please?

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